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logoo copyHomeVeg Tanzania Limited operates the unique Quality Management System (QMS) model which allows small holder farmers that are  organized in groups as per GLOBALGAP OPTION II to produce for the European and other market destinations. We are experienced vegetables/fruits exporter. HomeVeg is located in Arusha Northern Tanzania- a country with huge untapped potential in vegetable and Fruits production. We supply top quality vegetables and fruits to Europe and other destinations around the world. Our main export markets are EU countries. Our customers include some of the EU leading fruits/vegetables importers.

HomeVeg Operations

HomeVeg is a company with two main core activities:- Capacity Building/Production and Marketing.  The capacity Building and Production is mainly involved with developing capacity of small holder farmers through Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P) training and sourcing funds for small grower’s GLOBALGAP infrastructure development and GLOBALGAP accreditation. The activity also include Agronomic oversight services to all HomeVeg growers. HomeVeg is committed to ensure that growers in its supply chain abide to market standards. The capacity building also includes development  of Quality Management System (QMS) to all groups as well as doing GLOBAL GAP internal inspection.  Buying from HomeVeg, you  are not only assuared of food safety but also you actively participate in poverty reduction to smallholders in the rural community.

Smallholders under HomeVeg supply chain have access to irrigation water which allows production and supply all year round. HomeVeg owns refrigerated truck that facilitate collection of products from farms , airport delivery  and thus guarantee freshness of the produce.

The marketing activities includes among others, establishing export forecast to enable planning of planting programmes for all growers. It also involves with collections of produce from grower farms, grading, packaging, cold chain management, export and marketing. These activities are centered at HomeVeg Pack House. The activities in the Pack house comply with GLOBALGAP  and HACCP standards.

Facts and figures

  • Our value chain has three (3) main groups that have total of eight (8) sub groups with at least 1750 active  smallholder suppliers.
  • We have cold storage capacity that can hold at least 40 tonnes at once.
  • We employ approximately 80 experienced staffs (Graders, Packers.. Administration and. Agronomy team). Our workers are  specialized in Field Agronomy logistics, fruits/vegetables handling, and produce quality control in General.
  • We have a Pack House with grading capacity of four to six tones per day depending on the product and packing style
  • We believe in long-term relationships at both ends of our chain: supply and demand.
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