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Beans: Fine Beans
SEASONALITY: All year round
Pre-packs: Bags or punnets- 150 to 500 grams
Bulks (Loose): 2 to 5Kgs

Peas: Snow Peas (Mangetoute) & Snap Peas (Sugar snaps)
SEASONALITY: July to December

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Purple Passion fruits:  HomeVeg expects to start Passion fruits export from July 2015.

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SEASONALITY: All year round


Due to suitable weather and climate, HomeVeg can as well grow and supply ranges of  other products such as:-

Baby Vegetables: Baby Corn, Carrots, Leeks,
Courgettes and others depending on market demand

SEASONALITY: All year round
Pre-packs: 100 to 250 grams 

Chillies: Fresno, Scotch Bonnet & Birds Eye

SEASONALITY:  All year round

OTHERS: Okra, Beet root, carrots, Patty pan etc can be grown depending on customers’ demand.

Hint: Different Packaging styles can be done as per market specifications. With exception of Peas (Mangetoute and Sugar snaps) which are seasonal crops, other products can be grown all year round.

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